Nutrition Land - Nutritionland is a phony company with no consumer service

Hattiesburg, Mississippi 3 comments
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I received the wrong product from them and they ignore my requests to return the product. They hang up when I call. Do not order anything from this company. I would never order from them had I read the bad reviews posted on the internet. Complaints galore. They charge a $9.95 membership fee without your knowledge when you place an order with them. There is NO company service whatsoever. (see complaints here) (see complaints here)

Stay with the names you recognize. Do not try new phony internet companies.



The vitamin division of Nutriionland charges $9.95 a month membership


it is the vitamin division of Nutritionland and they charge $9.95 a month for membership


I looked it up and Nutritionland doesn't charge any membership.

Are u sure you have the right company?

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